• Hello,

    You have blocked me from editing multiple pages such as "Your Maths Skills Are Terrible"... and have deleted the information I added to the page. WHY??!! I received the notification in which you cited "nonsense/gibberish and incorrect information, but that is wrong. The edits I made were true, helpful, and complete, and there are other users who don't know why you deleted MY work and are likewise upset. Please RESPOND ASAP to this. This is wrong and unacceptable, and I don't know why you would do things like this other than to antagonize me!!

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    • All you did on those posts was add a link to YouTube video and added lines like these "So many Larry vibes... <3". That is not how wiki works. We add information to pages. This is a wiki not a fanpage.

      Here This is how we make pages on 1D wiki. take them for a reference. Your block was supposed to be a week long not a year long. I have edited the block. Technical issues. You can re-edit wiki pages now. Please be sure to add only genuine information to wiki pages. Also, search for the topic before making a new page. 

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    • I understand now, thank you. I guess that what I didn't know was why you deleted the posts I made that DIDN'T have that line in them. I'm sorry for that, didn't realize it was against the rules. And yes, I did research each of the songs/parodies before making the pages. If I re-edit and add a short description of the 1D song and a link, will that be okay?

      ALSO, it says the block expires 533 which is not a date... if it is supposed to be a week from today, that would be May 30, could you please correct that? I still cannot edit anything now.

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    • Researching the topic and giving proper source for your information is a more productive form of making an edit. That is correct.

      As for you block, on my end it shows you have been unblocked. Your 1 week time was already over when you messaged me on this matter. So no it is not supposed to be 30th of may. Incase of any issue contact FANDOM staff. They will guide you the best. Also link this thread for reference that it was an error on my end to block you for more than 1 week.

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    • Ok, today it is working again and I am able to edit wikis-thanks! I am new to this and not very tech-knowledable, so how exactly does one "link this thread for reference..."?

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    • A FANDOM user
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