• Hi, I reported this and was told it was a known bug that would be fixed, and have since read a post from a few days ago saying it's by design for mobile users who expect to enlarge an image rather than act as a hyperlink.

    I copied some [file] coding from another page where the |link= does follow the hyperlink (on my PC), but when I have it on my page it does not. Is there a wiki-level setting that allows the |link= to actually follow the link? I've been asked to make thumbnail images act as buttons.

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    • This is a known bug on newer wikis.

      Merge-arrow Wikis created after March 11, 2020 are using the Unified Community Platform (UCP). UCP has less functionality than pre-UCP wikis and is missing many legacy features. Fandom is continuing to work on adding/porting missing features. For a user-compiled list of bugs, please see this page.
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    • Tupka217 wrote: This is a known bug on newer wikis.

      Thanks, I have got around it using the imagemap keyword, I think they've made it so the file or image keyword act as displaying a file (links to image), and created imagemap to act as a hyperlink.

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    • UCP wiki admins may need to all make a category like Category:UCP workarounds to keep track of all the places where they worked around UCP bugs.

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