• Hi, does anyone know how to change the colour of the user tag? I at least want to change it to the colour I want to, here the link to Fandom and here's the pic as an example - 

    Screenshot (251)

    The tag glowed when I hovered to it, so don't mind that since I put scripts on CSS to make things glow

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    • Take the CSS selector you used for the hover glow and remove the ":hover" at the end. That should allow you to change the non-hovering style of the tags.

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    • No no no I didn't mean to get rid of the effect when hover it, I'm asking for customize the user tag design, I did say don't mind about the green glow 😅

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    • What Andrewds means is you need to use .UserProfileMasthead .masthead-info .tag selector to customize the tags as you want, hence without the :hover. :) E.g., this'll change the background color to grey:
      .UserProfileMasthead .masthead-info .tag {
        background: #ccc;
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    • Right, but you want to change the color when it isn't being hovered over, yes? What I am saying is the CSS for what you want and the CSS you already have are very similar.

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    • oh crap, I forgot I added that part and I forgot the code for the tag lol thx guys, I'll try

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    • A FANDOM user
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