• As some of you probably know, there is a user known as Leon who has been harassing countless FANDOM wikis since April 2019, and nothing has been done. All that's been done is blocking his current IP adress, but he just makes another one when the previous one gets blocked.

    Why is he being allowed to get away with this? Something needs to be done about it (other than just blocking his current IP adress). Is there no way for him to be blocked from making any new IP adresses so he can't ever use FANDOM again?

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    • It's just a vandal. If you get upset, they win. There are ways to block them, but determined vandals will look for ways around it. It's a wack-a-mole war of attrition. Make them give up first.

      And no, one website cannot influence what IP addresses are assigned to a machine. It'd be scary if they could.

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    • A FANDOM user
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