• I recently created a new wikia to work on, and it seems to have a new layout that I am not used to working on (I assume this was an update by Fandom, as I did not select this layout). Typically, if I wanted to add a border to a file I would simply format the file as follows:


    However, now, on this new layout, when I attempt that the file comes up borderless anyways. I have tried copy/pasting the exact same things between two different wikias yet this formatting will work on the old layouts but not on the new layout of the wikia I'm working on now.

    Does anybody know of a different way to add a simple border around a file? This new layout has taken quite some time for me to figure out, but I've mostly gotten the hang of everything except this one small issue.

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    • Merge-arrow Wikis created after March 11, 2020 are using the Unified Community Platform (UCP). UCP has less functionality than pre-UCP wikis and is missing many legacy features. Fandom is continuing to work on adding/porting missing features. For a user-compiled list of bugs, please see this page.

      It seems the border issue is a bug. It appears correctly in the preview but the HTML rendered on the page is different.

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