• Hello!

    i just started a wiki today and i want to know how to give admin like permission to ppl. Is this possible? If so how do I do this magic? This may be a lot of questions but I need some help is all ;w;

    thank you if you help me!

    p.s. can I change the role name or is it stuck as 'admin' ?

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    • First of all, links are useful since there is no indication of where you’re wanting to add rights for users.

      Second, is that you can change the tags name by searching for them in Special:Allmessages

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    • Special:UserRights to change user rights for someone. You can change what group displays instead of admin at MediaWiki:User-identity-box-group-sysop.

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    • You cannot pick and choose individual permissions. When a user is promoted to a certain group, they get all of the associated permissions. Additionally, the permissions for each group as well as the choices of groups are fixed and standard for all Fandom wikis. On rare occasions, staff will customize the groups for a wiki but there needs to be a really really good reason for it.

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