• Link to template.

    So in this template, even if i leave the necessary places empty, it's still shown in the page. How can i edit this template to fix this problem?

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    • Carpe Universum wrote:
      Can you link to the template, and an example page? It would be easier to assist you. Thank you!

      Uh I added link to template? But if you cant see it I will add here too.

      And this is example. As you can see, the 3 rows at the bottom, even though they are empty, it looks like this. 

      Thanks for your concern.

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    • RoronoaDante wrote: Uh I added link to template? But if you cant see it I will add here too.

      I apologize I missed the link. I will look into the template.

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    • Well with this template the best way would most likely be adding a |No value to the end of all the variables so it defaults to no value. Example {{{nufus|No value}}}. Or you could try converting your template to an actual infobox with the infobox builder.

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    • Even though you might be better off converting it to a Portable Infobox, it is possible to do it with #if statements. You would need to use {{#if: at the beginning of the row, and check if a certain parameter is filled in. Using default values as described in #5 would not hide them and would just have default values appear instead of {{{parameter}}}.

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    • Yes you are right. No value is not working. I guess if statement will work. But Portable Infobox'es might be better idea. I just wondered if I can do anything. Thanks everyone.

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    • Oh and, can you show me an example of the #if usage for this? I'm not really into this but I really wonder.

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    • Here is the typical way for hiding a row (will only show row if |nufus=SOMETHING) before Portable Infoboxes:

      {{!}} style="text-align: left; border-bottom:1px solid gray; border-top: 1px solid gray;" {{!}} '''Nüfus:'''
      {{!}} style="border-bottom:1px solid gray; border-top: 1px solid gray;" {{!}} {{{nufus}}}

      I added the Template:! and Template:!! to your wiki, so you can try it.

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