• so i've wanted to change my username to Insighting and made a new account. how do i redirect this account to that one? it says i need to paste: 

    #REDIRECT (pagename)

    into the page, but it didn't specify what page.

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    • For future reference, you should use Special:UserRenameTool to rename an account (unless you have already done so for that account). This will take care of moving all of your contributions and pages for you.

      That said, it is too late to do that now. You should place the redirect on the user page for your old account. So it should be placed on User:Sweet13erry. You will probably want to do this on each wiki you have edited on.

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    • Whatever your old account is, you should stop using it and put a note and a link to your new account on it on wikis where you contribute. Otherwise admins may see you as a sockpuppet and block you.

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