• I recently visited an anime sandbox fandom called Kimetsu Sandbox. They displays a very accurate and detailed informations on the anime I'm watching, unlike the official one. However, one of the template they use displayed a very obvious mistake that I wanted to edit, only to find that the page is protected from edits. How do I ask for permission to edit it? Any help would be much appreciated.

    This is the page that I wished to edit:

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    • The best thing to do would be to leave a message on an admins message wall letting them know about what the edit is. Please note, that if it’s considered of a spam or vandalism nature, it won’t be accepted. However if it’s not, I’m sure the admins will approve it and make the change for you.

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    • To help smooth the process, you should make a copy of the template (may be as a subpage of your user page), add your changes, and link to it in the message so the admin can see that your changes are good.

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