• Strokes, it is like the sides of a Text with Color, if you cant is there a way to make your own Style of┬áText.

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    • I have no idea what this is... a screenshot would help.

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    • Are you talking about text shadows?

      Hello There! This text has some text shadow.

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    • Kind of like that

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    • I'm pretty sure I know what you mean, and I suppose you could do something like this:


      <p style="color: black; -webkit-text-fill-color: white; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0.5px; -webkit-text-stroke-color: black; font-size: 200%">Stroke</p>
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    • I would not recommend using "-webkit-" CSS properties as they work with WebKit browsers only. The example wiki uses text shadows to get that effect. Here is the code from my previous post.

      <span style="text-shadow: 2px 2px 4px red; 2px -2px 4px red; -2px 2px 4px red; 2px -2px 4px red;">Hello There! This text has some text shadow.</span>

      Here is the code from the example wiki.

      <div style="font-size:19px;color:gold;text-shadow: 0px -0.25px 1px black, 0px 1px 1px black, 0.25px 0px 1px black, -0.25px 0px 1px black, 1px 1px 0px black;margin-top:-2.5px;position:relative;overflow:hidden;">Typical</div>

      Here is a link to a page that provide a description of how to use the text shadow.

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