• There are two Bureaucrats I need kicked out to the FANDOM staff, as I don't have the power to kick them out

    BiTaurus , due to its huge inactivity of the wiki, at this point, they are not likely to return to the wiki, unless they do, but I want them to prove their commitment first before they can gain back the status

    Timelight  , I've made a mistake promoting them to Bureaucrat. I knew something fishy was going on with Timelight, he just doesn't directly express it. On May 6, he made an announcement to admin Fluffy.125 that he was leaving the wiki for good, as he didn't end up having well with the fandom associated with the wiki. I also found out through his Instagram (which has taken down), he was posting other's rapes, which included underage children. Needless to say, I was horrified and scarred from that, it made me uncomfortable. 

    I would be grateful if you accepted this request, I am glad to work on the FANDOM wikis for almost 5 years now, and learned many things along the way.

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    • You can contact Fandom staff using this form.

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    • Andrewds1021 wrote:
      You can contact Fandom staff using this form.

      Just clarifying a bit more - Fandom staff aren't guaranteed to respond to these threads, in fact, a community response is more likely. If you need Fandom to do something, you should, as said before, contact Fandom staff directly with that link.

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    • I just did

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    • A FANDOM user
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