• Ive been trying for well over 3 weeks now and nothing has worked. I have messaged the staff members multiple times but I haven't gotten any response. I have done nothing wrong, I wasn't blocked from anything but it still wont let me apply. Can anyone help me out please?

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    • Sorry but if you want to become a admin on here you have to earn it and make 5.000 edits and be active every week.

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    • GalaxyWorld27 wrote:
      Sorry but if you want to become a admin on here you have to earn it and make 5.000 edits and be active every week.

      I've been active for at least a month and a half on wiki. I've edited every single day since I joined the wiki. I dont have any mods there, so its been extremelly hectic there, with griefing happening all the time. 

      I saw someone applying before to adopt a wiki, and they were way below 100 edits.

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    • Not knowing which of over 350K English-speaking wikis you're referring to, all I can do is point you to Help:Adopting a community and Adoption:Requests. Although I shall clarify that "adopting" a wiki is the process of seeking administrative rights for wikis where the local Admins are inactive or MIA. but as the 2nd link explains, being blocked on any wiki generally disqualifies you for adoption of any.

      If there are active admins, then you're looking for a Promotion and need to contact them on that wiki and find out what it takes to gain that promotion.

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    • My bad, I was talking about the Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki. All of the admins and mods left the wiki a long time ago, way before I came to moderate. The last time they were on was around december, so Im not sure what to do.

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      1. Did you file an actual adoption request? I don't see one in your contributions history.
      2. How and when did you contact staff in an attempt to address the clock issue?
      3. Did you hold a discussion with the other community members about you adopting the wiki? If so, did they approve? A staff member experienced with wiki adoptions will want this before approving the adoption.
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    • The sole surviving bureaucrat, DatBoiAndSpongeGar, while inactive on the THI wiki is still VERY MUCH active on FANDOM having edited on 2 of their wikis today, and 2 others as recently as April.

      Try Messaging them on their TWI wall or here on CC asking for a promotion (or help) as you need the tools to properly clean up after vandalism and to chase out the trolls.

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    • A FANDOM user
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