• I'm creating a table on this article and would like the columns for Previous and Preceding station to be the same width (in the Waterloo East and London Underground sections), and preferably the one with colours to be slightly smaller. Is there a way of doing this?

    I'd also like to centre align the text in each cell of the table, how do I do this in source editor?

    Any help would be appreciated

    Many thanks

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    • Waterloo International, the section above, has a template, presumably from Wikipedia, that does that for you. To save you creating a table every time, you could use that instead

      {{rail start}}
      {{rail line
       |previous = [[Charing Cross railway station|London Charing Cross]]
       |next     = [[London Bridge station|London Bridge]]
       |route    = [[Southeastern]] <br> [[South Eastern Main Line]]
       |col      = 1E1E50
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    • Many thanks TableWiz, that wasn't originally working when I tried to use it, now I can, so thank you :)

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