• the little arrow ain't showing the option to rename.

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    • On which wiki is this? Some wikis have moving pages restricted to admins.

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    • Merge-arrow Starting March 11, 2020, new wikis use the Unified Community Platform (UCP). Fandom has also started to convert some older wikis to UCP. UCP wikis currently have modified functionality, and are missing "rename" button. Fandom is continuing to work on adding/porting some missing features. For a user-compiled list of bugs, please see this page.

      UCP wikis have a "move" button instead.

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    • Well, it's a "Move" menu item from the menu to the right of the Edit button... not a button.

      The banner above assumes this is a problem on a UCP wiki, but it is just a guess (albeit a very good one).

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    • A FANDOM user
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