• I write a blogpost about my story paw patrol but it got removed!

    It won’t make any sense!


    Why this wiki had a blogpost but you can’t write a blogpost story and that totally wrong!

    I only wanted this rule change on paw patrol wiki.

    This wiki is only for legitimate information. Fanmade episodes, stories or characters should be posted on the PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki. Additional business relating to the Fanon Wiki should take place there

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    • We have no say in that. They make the rules, and a clear canon/fanon split is not unreasonable. However, they offer an alternative: go to the Fanon wiki instead.

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    • Okay!

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    • (I'm the second to head admin on the PAW Patrol Wiki).

      Hello Digimonking, it seems you are frustrated with the deletion of your blog post. While we encourage users to display new ideas and theories you posted a fanon 'story. Our Wiki is for real-deal information, so therefore there is an entire Wiki dedicated to fanon materiel.

      I copy and pasted your story on your message wall there so you can post it in the correct place.

      Here is a link to your story:

      I hope this resolved your problem.

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    • A FANDOM user
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