• I know there is the guide, but I can't really find any of the pages or settings it's talking about. 

    The Wiki:

    I'm sorry if this post breaks the rules, I just don't know where to go.

    Also, this wiki could be considered a Duplicate, [Random Facts Wiki], but only me and my locked -out-just-now account have contributed in the last year.

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    • If you think your wiki is a duplicate, it might be subject to deletion. So I wouldn't sink too much time in it for now.

      What is "the guide"? That's not a term Fandom uses for anything help-related.

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    • It's just some of the guides/help pages.

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    • Merge-arrow Starting March 11, 2020, new wikis use the Unified Community Platform (UCP). Fandom has also started to convert some older wikis to UCP. UCP wikis currently have modified functionality, and are missing some legacy features. Fandom is continuing to work on adding/porting some missing features. For a user-compiled list of bugs, please see this page.

      UCP wikis are significantly different from legacy wikis. Since the platform is still in development, there is essentially no documentation on what is available and how to use it. The best that can be done is to use knowledge of the legacy platform to guess and check what can be done on UCP.

      Also, which wiki would yours be a duplicate of?

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    • [[1]]

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    • Have you considered adopting that wiki? It looks like the current admin hasn't done anything since 2009.

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    • I have, I might apply.

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    • A FANDOM user
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