• Hi Rappy,
    I'm an administrator on the Where's My Water? Wiki and was wondering if you could help me with some code in MediaWiki:Common.js/Usernames.js and MediaWiki:Wikia.css/Usernames.css. The code makes an administrator's avatar pulsate/glow. This code originates from the Clash of Clans Wiki and I have asked one of their administrators for help but they weren't entirely sure how the code functions and I believe the user who did create it is inactive. 

    I've managed to get all of the avatars for all three of our administrators to pulsate except the masthead-avatar. All the avatars pulsate with the effects of the css page, but in order to have the masthead-avatar to pulsate for only the administrators it requires the "masthead-avatar" to be renamed to "masthead-avatar admin". I believe this is done through the Common.js/Usernames.js page. The code I have already put down should make it work, but I've either missed something or done something wrong. 

    If I inspect a page of one of our administrators, it is still called "masthead-avatar" and not "masthead-avatar admin". If I change that in the element, that will update it visually until I reload the page. This shows me that the code is not linking up with the selected users somehow. 
    If you could help me in any way, I would appreciate it. 

    - E12Dragon

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    • Actually, don't worry now.

      I've altered the css code so now it functions fine on its own.


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