• Seriously, I never sockpuppeted on my whole life! I boycott everyone who does and people may have different opinions on certain things! If it was the case, Esaïe would be one of my puppets, you see, also, you keep spamming Redwall everywhere, REDWALL SUCKS! Honestly, you where so annoying even when I was your friend, like, I've clearly said that I didn't wanted a kids channel owned bt Grupo Wágner because I know what the f*** happened with Gloob, what did you did? Simply ignored what I've said and created the channel! No means no! Keep in mind that Rede Horizonte would be another cringe page if I didn't discovered it in time! You're also too focused on creating parks owned by Grupo Wágner, even though I never aproved those bullsh*ts. Not gonna lie, you're one of those toxic furries that only likes cartoons because the main characters are animals (Even though I'm a furry by myself)

    Let's resume: You apparently lives on your frickin' perfect world and you don't want nobody to ruins it. When I get unbanned, I will ask an admin if I could own Rede Horizonte alone.

    I hope y'understand

    Luciano Brazilian 13:17, April 17, 2020 (UTC)

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