• Konnichiwa, Jenny-San! (Oof. Sorry. I'm an awkward weeb.)

    I have seen where Wikis are being shut because of them being duplicates, and I own a Wiki that a lot of people love, but I'm afraid that it could be interpreted as a duplicate, which it is not. It is for all Japanese Media, including anime and manga of course, but also video games that aren't anime and manga related (Such as Metal Gear Solid, Nintendo, Sega, etc.) and also has VOCALOID Pages, as well and music. It's still growing and many Users from several Wikis love it so much. I also make tutorial videos for editing Wikis there and it was recently volunteered for the UCP. I was just coming to ask that it not be closed, as I have heard about many other Wikis going through that. It is widely loved and I don't want it to close. Sorry for the long post. I just know that a lot of Users have expressed how nervous they are about whether it will close. Please have a blessed day!

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    • Doumo  (❁´◡`❁) (We're all awkward weebs here!)

      For your question regarding duplicate wiki closures, staff are only looking at duplicate wikis that were created on the UCP platform (Will's blog here gives more info), so any wiki that was created on the old platform is excluded from this whether or not it could be seen as a duplicate.

      Will's blog about it pretty much explains everything better than I could, so I won't go into more detail. Definitely take a look!

      Good luck with your wiki & community!

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    • Thank you so much! I didn't know about that. It is on the old platform. (Created in early to mid December.) This will give the Users the little peace of mind that they need. I'll pass it along to them. Thanks again, Pikushi! You rock!

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