• Well, I admit that I don't recognize Armenian Genocide, but this doesn't means I hate Armenia, in fact, I support Armenia over Azerbaijan. Actually, I think that rule about dening certain things doesn't makes sense, like, people have different ways to see the world.

    Sorry if I offended you


    Luciano Brazilian 03:00, April 4, 2020 (UTC)

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    • The rule is in place because genocides like the Armenian genocide, Holocaust, and Holodomor are events that happened and are fact. There are people who have had family members in the past who died from these genocides.

      Also, I don't understand how you don't recognize the genocide yet still like Armenia. It just doesn't make any sense, because a lot of Armenians take the Armenian genocide personally, just like how most Jews take the Holocaust personally, because some of their ancestors or family members have died in that horrendous genocide.

      From how I see it, it's like if you were to defend or be sympathetic with lynching but defend yourself by claiming you have a black friend.

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    • Actually, I don't recognize it because:

      1. What would be its point?

      2. Yet some people died when the Ottomans passed, it wasn't so much

      3. 1 million is a very overused number

      4. Armenia wasn't even a thing at the time, meaning that more countries like Georgia & Azerbaijan could be victims of that two, huh?

      5. Since the Ottomans already had borders with Russia, the genocide doesn't have a based on nothing

      By the way, I recognize that thousands of people died. I don't recognize that they've been on vacations becuase no one would travel to places during Wars and I'm able to respect people's opinion if they think it happened.

      Meanwhile, recognizing things mostly doesn't affect my opinion of things. Like, I recognize that Incas & Aztecas did those pyramids in South & North America for example

      Luciano Brazilian 03:48, April 4, 2020 (UTC)

      Edit: I forgot to say: I also deny that Planes hitted the World Trade Center. In fact, I'm sure that some Muslims (No offense, Islamic People) exploded dynamites on the WTC and it dissapered

      This video changed my mind at it

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    • But plz unblock me, I promise I will not disrespect people's opinion

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    • well - for one, the fact that you believe a single youtube video from an internet that probably has hardly any merit to it is quite disappointing.

      as for another, genocide denial is a serious thing. there is immense evidence in favor that numerous atrocities and massacres were commited upon ethnic Armenians within the Ottoman empire. 

      such an act usually warrants a permanent ban.

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    • OK, but this would not change my opinions on both events and so I will not change my way to see the world even if you guys ban me forever

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    • what you believe and how you think is up to you - we can't control that.

      however, we still hold the right to ban you permanently.

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    • But plz unblock me, like, I will not disrespect opinion, try it for 10 days and I will proof it!

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    • sorry, but no.

      as per our Wiki's rules, the open denial of genocides and past atrocities warrants a permanent ban.

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    • Question: When my ban expires, will I gain my achivements back?

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    • the ban is permanent.

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