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    03:37, August 4, 2020

    I was checking through random histories and activities on the wiki fandom. I have to say wow I am in complete amazement about what you have said about admins. Also what you said when about complaint threads I mean wow it is so rare to hear honest truth like that. I like how you point out about the behaviors of admins and bureaucrats. The post that I am talking about is a message that you left on Kanapkua's wall it was words that I thought I would never hear someone say ever in the wiki community. My mind is blown away by the fascinating words you typed in that message that day.

    You have some very wise words. I would like to talk with you but me speaking to you right now puts a target on me and if I tell you want I have been through it will only get worse for me. You are a very rare person to come across. I don't if you will get the chance to read my message or reply back. I am already on thin ice and I don't know if me talking to you will make things worse for me. I hope to hear from you.

    I like the way you think and what you say I like you I wish that I found you sooner when I was having trouble. I just hope that no one tries to stop me from talking to you. I also hope that I don't end up making get upset with me and I hope that I am not bothering you.

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    • Hey, thanks for dropping by. And honestly if you are having trouble with admins of any wiki where you have been unfairly blocked or something, you can always contact staffs via Special:Contact and appeal your ban.

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    • Sorry I was busy for the past few days and a little bit nervous finding the courage to read your message. I have used Special:Contact countless of times Special:Contact doesn't do anything.

      Special:Contact is a waste of time I have received several emails from Special:Contact telling me they can't help and don't get involved. Staff have always told me that they don't fix problems like that. I am scared to tell this because anytime I say things like this about Staff I get trouble I report them saying those things.

      You don't know what I have gone through and as much as I want to tell you what the bad things that have happened to. If I tell you it will end with me being accused all over again.

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      The reason why I sent you a message because I agree with you on many of the things you have said.

      Things that you have said about admins: 1. Newt Strike talking about admins: "They can block for whatever reason pleases them" 2. Newt Stike talking about admins: "Can be rude and disrespectful to users without anyone raising a single question on their behavior while they would continue to question others behavior" 3. Newt Stike talking about admins: "They do anything they want because they know there is no one to question their behaviors"

      You said all of that about admins and I have experienced all of that those things have happened to me. It does no good to talk about admins on Special:Content I know I have tried it never worked out for me. I come to you because you said that admins"They do anything they want" you mentioned that admins know that "There is no one question their behaviors" ever word you have all of the those things are true.

      You also said that they "Can be rude and disrespectful to users without anyone raising a single question on their behavior". All of that is so true those are the reasons that I came to you no ever questions an admin they go around unchecked and uncontrolled no one keeps them in line. The admins keep other people in line but no one does it for an admin. It is dangerous for me for me talk about the behavior of admin because admins and staff have jumped in on messages like this before when I question the behavior of an admin.

      I have gone through problems where admins just accuse people of what ever they feel accusing them it has happened to me. Once they accuse someone of something it seals the deal and they have the power to block people all because they choose to be judge, jury and executioner. The problem is they get to say what ever they want about someone without anyone questioning them. They can accuse anyone saying that it is fair for them to do that and no one thinks about that maybe admins need to be questioned on their actions and behavior sometimes but no one does that.

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    • PS I hope this conversation stays with just you and me because to many people jump in on conversations. People usually get involved with things that don't involve them also I really don't want another admin or staff member to join in on this.

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    • Hey mate, the most I can say is "leave the wiki" you are having problems with. While that might be the harsh reality which I said that admins can block for literally any reason they see fit, it's also true we have no other alternative besides that if we want to run the system properly. It's also true staffs usually don't involve themselves in such issues unless it's a ToU violation which I don't think is in your case cuz they usually believe admins are chosen with trust and agreement from the community. So, I would just suggest, find some other wiki where you are interested and where you would be welcomed than the one where you are being abused or anything. Leave this matter here. And move on.

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    • But one of the people on the wiki who has given me trouble is someone who is NOT AN ADMIN but the admins defend him and he is not a Bureaucrat either.

      It is a behavior that admins have unleashed on other people as well. The admins have done it to others as well not just me. I have scrolled through the history on pages of other users it other people have not been treated well on the wiki.

      But most of the behavior comes from a person who has been on the wiki since 2010 he is not a admin or a bureaucrat and the admins and bureaucrats let him get away with his behavior even though he is not an admin. The admins have been making any reason to use against me and have me blocked. Also the person I am having problems with he is on another wiki that I am on.

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    • Also I have had problems on here when I have come here asking for help from staff the staff here accused me of harassment and intimidating behavior.

      Some staff members here on Community Central would call this harassment right right here this message alone would get me blocked again. Yes messages like what you are seeing now have gotten me in trouble on the wiki I am talking about as well as Community Central.

      I joined the Wiki back in 2015 I have made 3,922 edits on the wiki. If I tell you what I was blocked for other staff members will jump in. Community Central is not a safe place for me to talk I am at risk if I give you the details. I have no one talk to no one to turn to and no other way to connect you I can only reach you on here.

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    • What the Wiki Community needs is a Leader, Manager, Boss, Commander, Lord, President, Mayor or something that oversees all wikis someone that questions the behavior of admins. Someone with more power and control over the admins letting them know they have their limits and that can strip away admins abilities for their behavior. But I don't think anyone will ever support something like that.

      To bad their is no powerful enough to tell admin that they can be replaced by new admin if their behavior is out of control. But that will never happen with a person like a Mayor, Lord, Boss, Leander, Commander, Manager or President to oversee all wikis it will happen again to small time, normal, regular, people like on wikis.

      Well I hope that the admins and staff don't sting of the blocked gallows for me again for sending you this messages.

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    • Hey mate, I can clearly see you are not happy with the fandom as a whole. I would just suggest keep a low profile and try to get along with each other. May be talk with admins privately stating your reasonings and all. May be that could help. Sorry but there can't be a change in the "system" and I don't think the concept of having a "Lord" ruling over others is fair. This is the harsh truth- accept it.

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    • The part where you mentioned about getting along with each other. I have asked people to try to tell admins to "get along with each other" and trying to make admin do that gets them boiled up at me because they say that I am intimidating them.

      I have talked to admins they just tell that am harassing them and showing intimidating when I talk the admins. Anytime I talk to admins I get accused for the things listed: 1. Harrassment 2. Intimidating behavior 3. Not showing them respect that is why they say.

      Talking to the admins didn't help instead they blocked me when I started talking to them. Also I mentioned that there is one person who is Not An Admin but he has got the admins as a shield for him even though he is not an admin.

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    • Well I think that a lord or something is needed. For example: 1. Businesses and jobs need a boss above the employees 2. Schools need a principal in charge 3. Cities or towns need a mayor 4. Medieval times needed kings and queens 5. Ancient civilizations needed emperors 6. Police stations need a chief in charge of the other officers 7. States need governors in charge of the state 8. Teams need a leader 9. Hogwarts from Harry Potter has a headmaster in charge of the whole school.

      So many times and so many places have some kind of person who is in charge what I have listed have managed to work out fine with having one person be in charge of everything.

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    • You accept it or not but Admins are the lords of the wiki and there is really nothing I can do to change this situation. Anyway, on what wiki are you having problems with?

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    • I am not asking you to change the situation. I am not asking for you to change a thing I am just pointing out about you said that no one questions an admin. All I am saying is I think that it stinks there is no one question the behavior of an admin.

      I just saying I agree with you on how you said that no one questions them. I am not asking for things to change I am I agree with you that admins don't get questioned about their behavior. I agree with you about about how an admin can have bad behavior I am just saying it sucks that they get a free pass on never being questioned.

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    • If I tell you the wiki I will get in trouble because people who have looked at the wiki they said that the admins had every right to block me. If I tell you what wiki I was blocked on all I will hear is the exact same words saying "I think they made the right call".

      If I say the name of the wiki and if you go there all that will happen is the exact same thing with people that am not showing any respect to the admins. Also as I keep mentioning there is one person on there who is not an admin but he is defend by them.

      The only things I will tell is that the wiki starts with the letter V it has characters from video games, novels, comics, movies, tv shows and cartoons on the wiki. That's all I can tell you because if you go over the admins will have another person defending their behavior and I want to avoid being ripped apart again in the comments. I will be at an even bigger risk if I tell you the name and if you go look at it.

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    • Mate, I guess, we are done then. And thanks for agreeing with me- that's indeed a harsh reality. May you find some good wikis to work on. Good luck👍

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    • Sorry I misspelled something that is another thing that I have gotten in trouble on the wiki. I mistyped something earlier so I fixed the mistake admins have gotten upset at me for my grammar before.

      What I mean is that I agree with you that it is an unfair harsh reality. You and I are the only ones who will admit it is wrong how no one will question a admin about their behavior. I am agreeing with you because me and you both know that it sucks and stinks. Thanks for understanding it's rare to find someone who understands something like this.

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    • I don't know what you are doing right now but I went over to a new wiki I have never been to. And I am already off to a bad start over the the Bureaucrat deleted and removed my first edit over there on the new wiki.

      When you wished good luck on finding a good wiki well it's not going very well. I can't find any good wikis.

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