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    Okay, so I am reasonably new to choices.

    I've played some of their books and  I really like some of them but others not so much.

    Recently I've played HSS Class act and I love it and I can't stop playing it. I loved the first HSS too but I prefer this.

    At first, I was thinking I'll go along with the main suggested LI of Rory until I realized there's something about Ajay, even though he comes across totally rude at first and I found myself really liking him. An unusual choice for me but that's what made it more interesting.

    However, It was kinda disappointing that he didn't take the MC's side about the theatre cube sabotage. Although, In saying that it made the emotions more real when reading it. I felt hurt on the MC's behalf because she was totally falling for him.

    I get that Erin suggested that Ajay feels he can't take sides because he is the director but it did feel like he sided more with Trevor and Danielle and if he really was impartial he would have at least said something when they kicked her from the lunch reminding them that she hasn't been proven guilty yet.

    I think if we do choose Ajay as our LI at the end, choices should have at least had him explain his feelings over this a bit more. He confessed to liking the MC from basically the start and that he was glad he got close to her and couldn't wait until the play ended to tell her he liked her more than a friend.

    Perhaps a reason why he wasn't on the MCs side at the time or wasn't more neutral at least with regards to the theatre cube could have been because he was fighting his feelings....because of his past experience with romance on stage. Maybe he was trying to convince himself he shouldn't be liking the MC? Doubting his own judgement because he liked her? Or perhaps he was nervous to take her side in case people realized he liked her and caught him out, which he wouldn't have wanted. Either way I think there should be some explanation or justification that is understandable. Especially considering Ajay warned the MC about Danielle and didn't seem to consider this himself.

    However, if you do still choose Ajay after this disappointment, he certainly redeems himself in later books and their romance is really quite beautiful.

    A few things though that don't add up. In one chapter it says Mohit is 6 and a half. In another part, it says he is 8.

    Ajay is excellent at Pool yet somehow can't grasp angles... I mean that game is all about angles. It doesn't make sense that he could've thought the triangle had an angle of 0. I think maybe choices should've had a different area of maths he was struggling with just for character consistency.

    I really would love this series to go past 3 books - sigh.

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