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    I technically do not own this wiki (That would be my friend), but I decided to leave this invite here in case anyone actually sees it. It's like the Death Battle Fanon Wiki (Another great Wiki which again I do not own nor hold any staff position in), only more diverse.

    Also, please read the Wiki's Rules and Guidelines before making edits.
    Ultra Z Battles Wiki

    Should I be putting the pic here, anyways...?

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    • That is great you are trying t help build the community on the wiki. Unfortunately, this isn't a very effective way of doing so.

      Also, let's just be clear here. Your friend also is not the owner of the wiki. Founders don't own the wikis they create. All wikis are owned by Fandom. Unless arranged otherwise with Fandom, content posted to a wiki is covered by the CC-by-SA license which means anyone can copy, alter, and/or redistribute the content so long as they give "proper attribution". The exception is content that has been re=posted on the wiki from somewhere else. Re-posted content is still subject to the license of the original source. The license of re-posted content should be noted so that it can be distinguished from the general CC-by-SA content of the wiki.

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