• HI kevin, so i am here to discuss UpnCBS with you and whats been going on so we demoted him on 3/25/20 and he decided he would throw a little fit because he was demoted for not editing or being active. Criti and i have watched over him the las week or so and it seems he is not working on the wikis he has but looking to gain more user rights on other communitys clearly he thinks he can make up his own rules  saying 60 days inactive then be demoted but clearly he was using this as an excuse to find his way out of  a demotion we were led to no option but to demote him.

    i would suggest demoting him on abc wiki. its clear that he just wants the power to make him look cool after having a discussion on discord with him he decided to block us and said good bye forever with a mad face emoji. he was not demoted from everything but we offerd him to a lower rank to rollback, & discussion moderator as criti and i agreed to offer him.  and was going to give him 30 days to be active if he was not active within the time frame or 30 days or made any edits we would of been demoted frome everything clearly i dont think his behavior is worthy of being admin at abc wiki. and i would suggest demoting cbs. however on FILM WIKi  the reason why we didnt allow him to be more inactive is because it came to our attention he was trying to request and or get more rights instead of working on the wikis he has 

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    • Please excuse my delay, I've been busy with work and collage both of which I'm having to do at-home due to the Coronavirus.

      I honestly don't have a lot of time on my hand at the moment to look into this situation, but I will take a look when I return which will likely be over the weekend. Thank you for you're message. :)

      TotallyLogical📮📝 19:07, March 26, 2020 (UTC)

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    • Not a problem sorry for what happend   good luck with collage. (:

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    • A FANDOM user
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