• Hello there,

    I recently added First Appearance and Latest Appearance (and Last Appearance) rows to the "Character Infobox" infobox on the Salad Fingers Wiki , which I recently renamed it to as well (it used to be called "None selected".) There was no problem adding the rows and everything seems to be running fine.

    However, I went to edit a character's  infobox. You can see in this photo.


    But when I published the edit, this is what shows:


    I have no idea why the Age and Latest Appearance have the exact same values. I should note that whatever I put in the Age row doesn't affect the Latest Appearance row, only the other way around. Does anybody know why this is happening? Thank you. ~minty

    P.S. This is happening to other character's infoboxes too, like this one and that one .

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    • There's a lot wrong with the coding of that infobox. Assuming that you've only used the InfoboxBuilder to create that infobox, you should click on the [ ] on the right bottom of the screen when you're trying to edit the infobox template. There you should see the following:

      <data source="latest_appearance"><label>Age</label></data>

      which doesn't make any sense, but what causes it to duplicate. You would have to rename those, including on the pages where you used the infobox, but there it's messed up as well.

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    • I have...

      • renamed family_members in Template:Character Infobox
      • renamed age in Template:Character Infobox
      • done a test infobox on the template page

      As Salad Fingers and Glass Mother are using Template:None_selected which redirects to Template:Character Infobox explains why they too were affected

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    • I see. Thank you very much for the replies and thank you TableWiz for editing the infobox. ~minty

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