• Whenever someone makes a new page, it shows up in their contributions with a capital N with the summary "created page with"...

    Is there some way of adding a parameter to contributions so we can only see contributions that were new page creations by a user?

    I know special:log/move can get something along those lines for page moves (which you can narrow down to just one user doing it) but there doesn't seem to be anything like a "create log".

    Would that be a hard feature to add?

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    • I would have assumed that a feature like this would be built-in, but I guess not. It looks like someone a few years back had the same question, and a Javascript enhancement was created for that purpose.

      You can find that enhancement, including how to install it, here: w:c:dev:NewPagesUser. For more information on including/importing Javascript, you can also check out Help:Including_additional_CSS_and_JS.

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    • Annabeth/Percy mention in reply to thread you linked to enter a username in Special:NewPages so I think that might answer it :)

      Kind of seems like they could build a similar funtion into Special:Log though since that's easier to remember for multiple things than NewPages.

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    • Hm actually upon further testing I noticed one problem with this: page moves.

      NewPages will only return a result for a username if the page they created is still located under it's original name.

      If it was subsequently moved, the original page name will no longer be recognized. I need some way of finding pages created by a user even if they were subsequently renamed and all that remains is a redirect.

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