• Fursato, I recently started a new fandom wiki so I could have the admin privileges for it, because I was updating the old wiki on the same series and I couldn't delete some redirected pages or change the main page and title. The old wiki was started but abandoned and there was little info on it. I was going to start a new wiki and ask for the old one to be deleted later.

    I thought it was gonna be easy to make a new page, but I have been blindsided by this new UCP. I do not like it so far. My head started to hurt after trying to figure things out myself. I might like UCP if I could learn how to use it properly, but even then uploading pictures and making templates for infoboxes are now much more tedious and difficult. I could not figure out how to make an infobox on UCP even though I copied and pasted the source code from the old wiki. I am very used to the old classic source style of editing and this new UCP caught me by surprise.

    Is there a way you could grant me admin privileges for the old wiki page I was editing? I am going to go back to that old page and add the rest of the info I started. I do not think I will be getting the hang of UCP anytime soon, considering its still in beta and a lot of others are also having trouble.

    Thanks, sorry for the long post.

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