• Hello. I am trying to fix an issue with a template. The problem with the template is that when it is added, it removes line breaks in articles. For example, in the source code for this article, there are spaces between the paragraphs of the section. However, the actual articles looks like this. You can see that the template removed the line spacing between the paragraphs for some reason.

    The source code for the template can be found here.

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    • i don't see said effect.

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    • Okay, so in this picture of the article's source code, you can see that there are spaces between the different paragraphs.


      However, in this picture of the article, you can see that after the "Citation needed" template is added, there are no more paragraphs on different lines.


      That's the problem that I am having. I do not know why adding the cite template removes the line break between the different paragraphs.

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    • that's weird. move the category to the start of the template, it will help. you can also report this via special:contact: it doesn't look like intended behavior.

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    • Place the Template:Cite on its own line(Enter key after the period) not at the end of a paragraph.

      Shrug, it works better at present. Tell me if you want me to edit said page as an example.

      Also simple putting a space after the period probably works, too. Guessing as there seems to have been a change, ie probably fixed the template while I was looking the page over.

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    • Placing the category at the beginning of the template worked. Thanks for the help guys!:D

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    • A FANDOM user
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