• Hello, everyone. Buckimion is the current bureaucrat of the Family Guy Wiki, and I think that he's gone too far this time. In my early days on that wiki, I used to be an unintentional vandal of sorts seeing as how I didn't really understand what wikis were all about back then - so much so that Buckimion banned me for quite some time, and when I requested to return a couple of years later, he agreed, but under a set of strict guidelines, despite the fact I'd embraced what wikis are all about by then. A couple years later I requested these restrictions be uplifted, and he refused. Just this week I asked again after almost a decade of inactivity, and he agreed. I decided to edit a few pages that were lacking a bit of information, just polishing the pages up. Next time I arrive on the wiki, what do I see? An infinite ban - and all for trying to help! I don't care what this guy THINKS about what I'm trying to do, because he's a tyrant who rules the Family Guy Wiki, er, HIS Family Guy Wiki like a dictator, and the fact that he views me as nothing but a troublemaker through an incredibly poor prejudice, is incredibly insulting to me, especially after all these years. Not only is he a bad bureaucrat, he's a bad user for treating me like this when I least deserve it. Something has to be done, and fast.

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    Remember this profile picture. This is Buckimion - the one you should know about.

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    • If you want to demote him, you can demote him by reading this blog

      I strongly suggest that you make sure you contact staff in the link below to make sure they watch your demotion thread just in case he interferes. Since you're blocked on that wiki though, you can use your message wall here for the demotion thread.

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    • You are certainly free to contact staff about this. However, at least for the time being, admins are given essentially free reign over blocking users on the wikis they admin. Staff usually don't get involved unless the admin has committed a ToU violation as a result of the block.

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    • Contact FANDOM staff or the original founder of the wiki. They should be able to do something about this, but I recommend you tell the staff. Might be hard for the founder to believe you considering the fact that the guy has 95 thousand edits.

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    • The founder cannot do anything more than an admin/bureaucrat. Only staff can remove bureaucrats, and they only look at it if the community reaches a consensus on it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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