• I recently got blocked on Shin Megami Tensei by the Great Mara for the second time. The first time I was block was when I was editing the fact that most of the personas that appeared in P5 do indeed appear on P5R. There was also changes to the personas' arcana in P5R so I wanted to add that fact. I also wanted to type "/Royal" next to the "Persona 5" on the appearance list. At first I thought it was okay since it is true. When I realize that I didn't provide the link to the "Royal" page, I thought I made another mistake and decided to copy-paste the link. Rather than being told what the correct format is (which is Persona 5 Royal|Royal by Rex400 (great guy for educating me afterwards!)) I was outright told by the Great Mara to "Stop using the visual editor."

    He did not explain what I did was wrong and what the correct format is so I can make corrections. Instead he blocked me immediately and undo everything. I was hoping to learn what the correct format is from that admin so I can make corrections while keeping the information true. When I was editing the Ann Takamaki page about her ethnicity, while she is confirmed to be quarter-American, I was not sure on the Japanese part so I deleted that part and hopefully when the admins see it, they might provide evidence and explain to me why the info is correct or not correct, but again I was told "Stop using the visual editor." I also realize the ethnicity category appeared twice on her box so I deleted hoping the admins realize the error and correct it since they are more experienced than I am. But instead I was told "Stop using the visual editor." Again, there was no explanation why.

    When I edit wikis on pages, I often make minor edits like correcting grammar, add new, correct info where I can provide evidence, and shorten sentence so they are concise without changing the information. The admins on the other wikis have no problem with me editing, but if they do see my errors, they will actually tell me what or why it was wrong or they will make corrections themselves. If there is missing info, I would leave them an indicator so the more experience can edit them.

    The second time I was block was when I stood up against the admin for saying these:

    Me notifying an editor about an error:"There's a huge space between the P5 section and Royal section. Wish I can edit, but afraid I might get blocked again for adding accurate information (when there's proof), making concise sentences, correcting grammar, and learning mistakes when editing by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name. Thanks."

    Admin: "Keep up the attitude and you definitely will be. If you don’t know enough about the site to even know what the source editor is, the problem lies with you. And you should probably find out before making over 70 edits after you were warned the first time."

    Me: "I'll make sure to read them beforehand or ask for help. The next time I edit, I'll make sure not to touch the edit button so I can get blocked for making no edits. I'll leave it to the pros who can do a better job editing and explaining than I can. Even small grammar mistakes."

    Admin: And you just earned a block. Don’t cop an attitude when you’re the one who left a trainwreck in their wake.

    Hello!? Maybe if you explain why my edits are WRONG earlier, give me EVIDENCE, and how I can CORRECT my mistakes EARLIER maybe we won't add more fuel to the fire. I have no malicious intentions to ruin the wiki where the edits are REVERSIBLE. Btw, last time I check, wikis like the "Shin Megami Tensei" wiki are not professional sites where people actually get paid. It's not like the admins are going to pay Idk 2k to get it published as Science Journal on Google Scholar or as books. Petty mistakes and information on wikis are 100% editable to allow room for correction.

    How is it that this admin has time to say "Stop using visual editor," undo my edits, argue with me, and even blocked me. But doesn't have the time to justify why my edits are wrong, inform me, provide evidence to justify his own edits, and even actually make updates to the wiki page himself!?

    I'm addressing this to the admin and his attitude. Btw admin, if you're reading this, next time you lash out on newbs like me who make honest mistakes, at least educate them by writing on the message walls to learn their lessons instead of outright blocking them w/o giving an explanation. I hope you learn from your mistakes an admin and use a more reasonable approach to avoid repeating the same mistakes. More importantly, JUST CHILL. The wiki will not get deleted or have a virus whatsoever just b/c of minor mistakes that can be fix RIGHT AWAY. The next time I edit on that wiki (if I can) I'll make sure to always put an explanation, provide evidence, and ask the other, more experience editors and type "Correct me if I'm wrong."

    The overall message is that: Atlus doesn't own the "Shin Megami Tensei" wiki. The admins are always human. We're all human and we are meant to make mistakes. No wiki is perfect and never will be.

    (I can provide more evidence to show that I never had the same problem with the admins or other people on the other wikis)

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    • Your block on that wiki is only for 3 days, so you can wait it out for a bit.

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    • At least I can focus on other stuff. I hope to improve myself when encountering certain situations.

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    • You made the most common mistake while trying to appeal a block... self-righteousness. Just don't do it.

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    • Mistakes are always reversible on wikis. No one will die from it.

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    • They only blocked you because you are being arrogant, you linked things in the wrong way (Seems like that do you even know how to format a Wiki, that is.) and I think you were using the Visual editor which can be toggled and changed to the source code editor by My preferences. (If you don't know, Wikia's default editor breaks the formatting.) When he told you to stop, you literally snapped and acted like a tough guy. If I'm a mod and you start acting like this I would had been blocked you as well.

      Also I think I'm the only one with trouble against the Visual Editor, probably because I've been using the Source editor for 12 years. It's a lot easier to use than the visual I think.

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    • All I can say is we're all human and we all make mistakes. Tbh w/ you, I've only been on that Shin Megami Tensei site for less than 12 months so naturally, I wouldn't know any better and stick to my comfort zone. I never made any contact w/ anyone on the site until recently. Yes yes, I do not deny that it was foolish of me to stand up against the admins (who I don't even know what they are like or talk to them personally). Even if this post will become ancient history soon, it will help me realize how inexperience and immature I was when doing wikis. The more I read my own post, the more I realize that I can't just blindly edit and need to break that habit. I also need to learn to start asking question regardless how dumb they may seem. No one is immune to mistake, not even me. I do not believe the admins on the "Shin Megami Tensei" wiki are bad people, they probably naturally assume that because I can edit, I have a lot of editing experience, and that I'm expected to follow the way they want editors to do. But in reality, I often stick with doing minor things and prefer not to do major things like adding pictures. I would like to thank the people commenting (past and future) on this post for helping me grow and how to resolve conflict properly. Even if the fact that all fan wikis are not own by the respective franchise, no one will get paid, and every one on the wikis are human, it's important to always display respect, be neutral, and remember that no one is immune to mistakes.

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    • HellishYardxxx wrote:'s important to always display respect, be neutral, and remember that no one is immune to mistakes.

      Fine words, but please practice what you preach. You didn't do that trying to remove your block. That said, I think you know the right direction. Here's to a much more productive future!

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    • To avoid making the same mistakes again, I decided to re-read the following articles on the "Shin Megami Tensei" wiki to have a better understanding:

      "Help:Best practices for administrators," "Megami Tensei Wiki:Simplified ruleset," "Help:Common mistakes," "Megami Tensei Wiki:Manual of Style", "Help:Assuming good faith", "Help:Formatting pages"

      I recently realize there's something really strange activity going on in the "Shin Megami Tensei" wiki. There's a pattern that I keep seeing and felt that something was not right. Based on the "Recent Wiki Activity," there are many users in red except for certain users. It seems that I may not be the only one... There must be reasons why. It's possible that many editors with none to some experience may not be fully aware or informed that Visual Editor is no longer okay to use because it breaks formatting on that wiki.

      As much as I would want to settle my conflicts with the admins and the others and tell them that I've come to terms with my errors and past and explain to them in a more civilized manner, I'm still bothered by the recent odd occurrences in the wiki activity. I feel that there are contradictions between the community and what the "Help:Getting Started" page explains.

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    • I didn't dive too deep into this, but if I had to guess, I'd say that Great Mara uses a tool script for blocking which also deletes profiles, even if only blocked for 3 days, which seems to be her default for small/1st time offenses. So when after blocks lift, seems many users don't bother restoring their profiles right away.

      That or the wiki is beset by trolls who intentionally remove their own profiles.

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    • The more I learn about the editor and admin on their message walls, the more concerning I feel based on how they interact with users, compromising, and their understanding to the community (past, present, and recent activity here). Before this, I always thought they will help guide me and others like what's written on the "Help:Getting Started" page, but now I'm beginning to believe there's something really questionable going on.

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    • Checked some of the users in red in Wiki Activity and their block log, and none of them ever got blocked...

      maybe ask them why many users are red for some reason.

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    • Red usually indicates that the account is either locally blocked, globally blocked, or disabled.

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    • Could red also indicate a name color change as well?

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    • no, its either blue or red

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    • Well, it depends on which part of the "name" you are looking at. However, assuming the wiki does not change the colors with CSS, that is the meaning of red text on Special:ListUsers. If you are unsure whether or not the red is a result of wiki CSS or not, you can view the page without the wikis CSS by appending "usesitecss=0" to the query string of the URL.

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    • I appreciate the help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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