• So on the tail end of December, out of nowhere, I was blocked for being a "confirmed proxy" for my Internet service provider, despite the fact that I have been a user off-and-on on the wiki for several years. Initially I didn't think much of it because I rarely edit Wookieepedia, but about a month ago I tried talking with admin Toprawa and Ralltiir, who was the one who blocked me, here on Community Central. Their answer wasn't that helpful, so I just accepted the wrongful block and hoped it would pass by. But I am still blocked. So is there any way to appeal a wrongful block, or anything else I can do?

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    • Did they explain why they thought you were a "confirmed proxy"? What kind of internet connections have you been using?

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    • Aye, my mistake. It's not my account that was blocked, but rather my home's IP address. Maybe I'm missing something, here was the relevant part of response from a couple of months ago:

      Rather, it appears that the IP you were using to edit from is a proxy, which we typically ban on sight by policy due to the high potential for abuse. The safest option for everyone is to edit from a standard residential IP address

      I can still edit on Wookieepedia from other IP addresses, but not from my home one, so that makes it rather inconvenient.

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    • Well, how do you get your "home" internet? Do you have your own modem?

      Either way, I find it odd they would be able to tell it is a proxy. The furthest I can get is figuring out which company "owns" it. So unless they mistook that information for proof that it is a proxy, then they clearly must have access to some database somewhere.

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    • Was this Staff that told you that? If not, contact Fandom Staff. But if it was Staff who told you that, you're pretty much stuck as they are the highest authority in this FANDOM land of ours, higher than us.

      That said, you might try contacting you home's internet provider customer service techs and ask if they can help you to re-generate your IP.

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    • A FANDOM user
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