• Hello! My name is StM8 MINDS, from Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, and I've come to bring you this! FancySignature. This allows users to create signatures in an easy way! The code is this:

     [[User:|]]([[Message Wall:|M]][[User blog:|B]]C[[Special:Editcount/|E}})   

    Tips on making a signature:

    • The "orientation" is the direction the colors on a box go.
    • To make a signature round, type yes in "Main Round" and/or "Sidebox Round." If you don't want it round, type no.
    • Font and Border sizes only require numbers. No px needed.
    • You need an entire image file for the "Image" section.
    • The "Middle Color" is the color of the •'s in (M•B•C•E).
    • Before you create a signature template, type {{{1}}} in the "Sidebox Info" section.

    That's that. So if making a long code for a signature is overwhelming, try this instead!

    -StM8 MINDS

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    • Where is the template page? Have you considered adding it to the Templates Wiki?

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    • LMAO: "SimpleSignature"

      FYI, that template uses lots of deprecated HTML.

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    • Andrewds1021 wrote: Where is the template page? Have you considered adding it to the Templates Wiki?

      Good point. You see, I am not an admin or anything in my wiki, but I thought that this would be useful to the community, so I made it. But I have yet to learn about all of FANDOM.

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    • Good job on fixing the HTML on Template:SimpleSignature.

      The only change I would suggest is to move the image to before the user link or add an option for an image before the link.

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    • Done, and thanks!

      Now to make the page on Templates Wiki (although I am still concerned).

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    • Maybe you should rename it FancySignature... it sure isn't simple.

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    • StM8 MINDS
      StM8 MINDS removed this reply because:
      Not same template
      20:47, March 20, 2020
      This reply has been removed
    • ...that is how we learn the lesson that just because a template exists with the same name on a wiki doesn't mean it works the same at all...

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    • A FANDOM user
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