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    The Fandom Terms of Use, under the sub-heading 'User Conduct', states the following (italicised): 

    You agree not to:

    • Abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other Fandom users;
    • Post or transmit any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct;

    I find this section of the Terms of Use problematic. It states that users should not 'post or transmit any content' that contains 'homophobia' or 'religious intolerance'. Over a month ago, I was blocked from Arthur Wiki for inserting 'homophobic language' (I was merely commenting on an article about a fictional character and expressing my dismay at the fact that children are being indoctrinated with the homosexual agenda, but okay).

    I understand that homophobia is against the Fandom TOU, but it also says that 'religious intolerance' is prohibited. I felt that religious intolerance was displayed towards me during this episode, and that some users were insulting my religious beliefs. These users got off scot-free. And of course, the only user that came to my defence was blocked, and I ended up with a Fandom-wide block, leaving the two wikis I run, and am the only user with administrative powers on, defenceless from vandalism. I am still clearing up the damage done to them.

    My question is, how can Fandom avoid a user facing religious intolerance after post content that is considered to be 'homophobic'? For example, a religious user could post a good-faith comment stating that homosexuality goes against his/her beliefs. Another user could misinterpret this as being 'homophobia', and attack that user's beliefs or even penalise him/her. This is what I experienced, and it is religious intolerance.

    I do not wish for other users to experience what I did. The TOU should be reviewed or updated. Perhaps, users who posted content that is considered to be 'homophobic', but is not ACTUALLY insulting or abusive, should not be penalised, or at least not be penalised as severely as I was.

    Also, I could not help but notice that the TOU neglects to warn users against posting or transmitting content containing heterophobic language. And before whoever replies to this discussion points out that heterophobia counts as 'abuse' or 'harassment', note that 'homophobia' falls into these categories as well, and yet it is still listed separately.

    I strongly recommend that the Fandom Staff reviews or updates the TOU to avoid religious intolerance and heterophobia. The Fandom Staff has already displayed bias towards me in the past. This may be thanks to the outdated TOU, which they are forced to follow. But it seems possible to me that the TOU is not the main problem, but Fandom and its staff. I have reason to believe that Fandom may be biased, prejudiced and bigoted towards certain groups (some of which I fall into) out of their own personal views. There may even be a Fandom political/religious agenda. I understand that this appears to be far-fetched, but from what I have experienced, I would not be too surprised if these theories of mine were true.

    Anyway, please reply soon, whoever may be reading this. If the Fandom Staff take my advice on board, this could change Fandom for the better. And no, this post is not 'homophobic'. And if it is called so, all that will do is further prove my point. Thank you.

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