• CC BY SA license aside, which does allow for derivative work such as translation; it appears there are concerns with your edits.

    I see in your profile that you live in Italy, may I ask your fluency level?

    1. if you are translating existing content from another wiki language, you will need to comply with the CC BY SA license by providing credit. Not providing credit is considered plagarism regarding of translating from another wiki and if reported to staff will result in request to comply with the license or staff closing of your wiki.
    2. UCP (Unified Community Platform) is a recent initiative for the purpose of combining Fandom and Gamepedia infrastructure as well as reducing the number of wikis down to one of each topic per language to avoid competing split communities for readers (aka traffic). As an existing Italian wiki does exist and has interwiki links already set up with other language wikis, staff will more likely side with the existing dominant wiki during considerations of migrating wikis to the new platform. This means that staff may choose to not migrate your wiki and its simply lost.
    3. Your existing block for infinite might be excessive, however your behavior towards admins from tekken wiki isn't favorable. While its possible the block can be shortened but not lifted, in the long term cooperating on a single wiki is most productive. If you are willing to cooperate and comply with existing policy at Tekken, you have a more enjoyable experience.

    This is not meant to scare you, I am providing a realistic viewpoint alongside what numerous helpers have said so far.​​​​​​​

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