• I have and which were both personal wikis of mine. However, I forgot to transfer b-crat rights to my backup account before deleting my Main, User:TheGoodDeath. What can I do about getting rights to my wikis?

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    • When did you disable your account? Did you do a normal disable account request or a forget account request? If you did a normal disable request and it was within the last 30 days, you can cancel the request by logging into that account.

      However, looking at your wikis' activity, it seems the 30 days may have long since passed. Your old account has not edited since Sept. 2019. In that case, your new account should be eligible to adopt the wikis. You can fill out adoption requests (one for each wiki) here. You will have to wait 1 month between adoption requests so you should prioritize which wiki you want to adopt. If you really want to regain control asap, you can ask staff is they will make an exception in this case and allow you to adopt both wikis now.

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