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    I have adopted the wiki and had trouble how to deal with CCS. I wish to change all characters infobox with the colors of their school and some CharaSong infoboxes. If you are available, you might can help me? Thanks!

      Sayla Ryougetsuten    Talk  

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    • Hello. Congratulations for adopting the wiki! I can help out. :)

      Can you link to all the infoboxes and and let me know of what colors you want for these all? That'd make it easy for me to help you, then.

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    • Hey sorry for the late reply! 

      You can check .[[ here]] The table has the color what I wanted to. You can check inside the links in each table. contact me if you are confused! 

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    • Ah, sorry, I'm quite confused, indeed.

      • That page doesn't seem to tell the colors that should be based on schools in character infoboxes? Isn't it just for CharaSong?
      • What should the CharaSong colors be based on? The character for whom the song is? Or are you wanting to just set a static color (one that doesn't change based on certain condition, like you want for character infoboxes)?
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    • This was posted in the forums a few weeks ago

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    • CharaSong infoboxes. Len Tsukimori - Blue Ryotaro Tsuchiura - Green Keiichi Shimizu - Yellow ( but not bright please) Azuma Yunoki - Purple Shoko Fuyuumi - Pale Pink Hiroto Kanazawa (another kind of pink) Shinobu ousaki - red but not too bright.

      Each table contains song, if you click Tsukimori, Tsuki no Kakera, I want it's infoboxes according to their hair color.

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    • Thanks, TableWiz!

      Observing these linked infoboxes, looks like character infoboxes already have dealt with varying infobox colors so I'm not sure what more you need with these? Although these make use of classic infoboxes which isn't a recommended practice in favor of portable infoboxes; I can help with migration, if you want!

      As for CharaSong, I think I got it. Add following to the Wikia.css:
      /* Portable infoboxes */
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-blue .pi-title,
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-blue .pi-header {
        background: #3498db;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-green .pi-title,
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-green .pi-header {
        background: #239b56;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-yellow .pi-title,
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-yellow .pi-header {
        background: #f1c40f;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-purple .pi-title,
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-purple .pi-header {
        background: #ae22e6;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-palepink .pi-title,
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-palepink .pi-header {
        background: #ff69b4;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-babypink .pi-title,
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-babypink .pi-header {
        background: #ffb6c1;
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-red .pi-title,
      .portable-infobox.pi-theme-red .pi-header {
        background: #8b0000;
      I added color parameter to Infobox Character Song, which'll allow you to choose color for infoboxes by filling it. For example, on Tsuki no Kakera, you'd use this:
      {{Infobox Character Song
      |color = blue
      |title1=Tsuki no Kakera (Fragments of the Moon)
      |caption1=Fragments of the Moon
      |name=Tsuki no Kakera
      |artists=Kishou Taniyama
      |album=La Corda d'Oro ~Primo Passo~ Vocal Collection
      |release_date=August 22, 2007

      The available color themes that can be used are fairly straightforward to what you said:

      • Len Tsukimori = blue
      • Ryotaro Tsuchiura = green
      • Keiichi Shimizu = yellow
      • Azuma Yunoki = purple
      • Shoko Fuyuumi = palepink
      • Hiroto Kanazawa = babypink
      • Shinobu Ousaki = red
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    • I forgot about Akihiko Kira - Grey Etou Kiriya - Another kind of red Aoi Kaji - - another kind of yellow Hihara Kazuki - another kind of green Amou Nami - Kind of brown?

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    • I added some colors by my own why it won't work?

      Kazuki Hihara - Orange Akihiko Kira - Grey Etou Kiriya - Another kind of red Amou Nami - Another kind of brown?

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    • I'm sorry for following up late, I was having problem with my connection. I had a look and it looks like you managed to fix it? :)

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    • Yep. Thank you for helping me ;)

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    • Ah, that's great to know! Feel free to let me know if you need help with anything else.

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