• The user AsgailBann has been repeatedly harassing other users on their message walls, forcing others to accept his demands despite them not wanting to, and received multiple blocks in the past, currently at a permanent block. During his block, he demanded with rather strange language to be unblocked without even making a proper appeal (see contributions on Dumb Ways to Die Wiki for details), left links to his own wikis (including one named after one user, GossenHero75 that he has harassed on the first wiki I mentioned, most likely created without his consent or knowledge). On his own wikis, AsgailBann continued to harass other people, using the same tactics from DWtD Wiki, where he was already blocked. According to a forum post from DWtD Wiki, GossenHero75 is rather annoyed by AsgailBann's harassing him everywhere.

    While currently AsgailBann has been permanently blocked from DWtD Wiki, any further advice is still appreciated.

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    • contact Fandom Staff with all these links

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    • I already have contacted staff for the case, and they told me to require the clear evidence for that "the target of their posts has told them to stop, but they continue despite this", otherwise they regarded all "indirect reports" and refused to take an action against the harassing user.

      That is why I have posted this thread to encourage him to post a "please stop contacting me" message in reply to AsgailBann.

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    • A FANDOM user
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