• I recently learned that the background requests have been closed, so I wanted to try here first. I a the Admin of the Henry Danger Wiki, and we need a new background for the shows final episodes. If you think you are unable to do this request, I can go to JoePlay who has done our backgrounds in the past if you think that's best.

    This is what we want for our new background, Use the Mask and plane backgrounds and blend in the two backgrounds, remove the logo's and characters from the images. Remove plan, Leave Mask but near bottom of the page.

    • Main mask [1]
    • Wide mask Wide mask [2]
    • wide shot plane [3]
    • plane [4]

    extra pictures of the Plane and Mask images if needed

    • Double mask [5]
    • less detail plane wide shot [6]
    • close up plane [7]
    • close up plane okay res, [8]

    Place this image center in the middle of the background [9]

    Place the season 1 and 5 character pics into the phone design we have now. Gum balls with same letter font will stay. Decrease the size if need to be. Change Ray and Schwoz's season pic to have the yellow background like the other characters. Once those characters backgrounds are made please send me an upload so I can have them on the wiki for their pages.

    Add props to the characters like we have now, Here are the images incase you need them [22] Use for Schwos instead of the atom in other link [23]. Spead the Glowing atom around the page with maybe 1 in each corner.

    Decrease the size of the villain images and scatter them around the page/characters. Use more of the characters faces instead of the full body. More like shoulder up on the large pictures. Also spead the few [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30]

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    • Hi Checker Fred! This doesn't fall into my area of responsibility, but with the Movies/TV Wiki Manager Team. I've let them know about this request, so a Wiki Manager will follow up with you in a day or two. Thanks for reaching out!

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    • Thanks, So there is no need to go to JoePlay then. As he did a good job in the past for Us.

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    • Hello!

      I'm the Wiki Manager assigned to the Henry Danger wiki. Could you explain in a bit more detail how you want the background to look? Specifically, could you explain a bit more what you mean by " Use the Mask and plane backgrounds and blend in the two backgrounds, remove the logo's and characters from the images. Remove plan, Leave Mask but near bottom of the page"

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    • Hi Cory, So basically we want to blend the images together if possible. Using the two images [1], and [2]. We want the background to give the dark feel like in both Pictures.

      Place the mask at the bottom of the page and the details from the pictures around the characters. So by removing the characters, Logos, plane and Nick Front that will just leave the foreground aka background.

      So overall expand the detail from the mask and plan pictures. I hope this makes sense. Here is the working process of our current background, [3] for the start of season 5 we did last year. Maybe this will help on what we want.

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    • I added A new pic for ray, still waiting to see if someone was able to do Schwoz.

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    • I reuploaded Schwoz, however it's just okay. But we are going to go with it as we don't have much to work with for season 1 for him, if you think we can improve it, here is a better image to work with

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    • Hello!

      So unfortunately, the kind of edit that you're asking for far exceeds my Photoshop skills. I spoke with the other wiki managers, as well as a handful of FANDOM staff, and I don't think we'll be able to accommodate your request for this background.

      If you'd like to simplify your request, I can definitely take another look and see if it's something we can do. :)

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    • Is it possible to go to JoePlay at this point he made our season 5 one and it was very similar to the one we are asking for. I sent him a message.

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    • Hey, you're more than welcome to approach JoePlay with this request. However, he is currently out of office for a few days. So a reply may be a bit delayed.

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    • Thanks, I just shot him a message, I'll see what happens fingers crossed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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