• Why do you get blocked for telling trolls to stop flooding pages? This is related to the Disney Villainous Wiki, being blocked by the admin "werothegreat".

    Kinda sad posters get punished for telling people to go read the instruction manual. Said trolls also ask very stupid questions with simple answers. This game is designed so that even ten year olds can understand it.

    Guess it's also okay for a troll to flood multiple pages with the same stupid question. Or whine about how certain villains are too weak or strong.

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    • Each wiki has its own policies. If you have a question about the policies for Disney Villainous Wiki, then you will need to ask one of their admins. Unfortunately, it will be hard to do as an anonymous user since notifications are not sent to users when they are messaged by anonymous users.

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    • Except I can't even leave a message on that admin's wall. It all seems very one sided and abusive. And I thought GameFAQs was the utter **** of the Internet.

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    • You can ask the admin on their wall here on Community Central. Message Wall:werothegreat. But don't until you've calmed down a bit - they get to decide, so if you come at them angry, they won't likely budge.

      As a side note, never tell trolls to stop flooding pages. They won't listen; they just know they're successful. Don't feed the trolls.

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