• Hello, I am an admin and bureaucrat on the Wii Sports Wiki. I have been so since 2014, with a brief period of inactivity. Lately, me and the other admins on the wiki have been having an issue with another admin known as You crab. Initially, said user seemed to be fine for a while, but it has come to our attention that his power is problematic.

    We have had to deal with a troll known as Kiddo6529 (first account - most of his other accounts also use the "Kiddo" label). Unfortunately, You crab does not appear to understand that Kiddo is a troll, and is convinced that giving him power will stop him from vandalizing. 

    Another issue is that You crab's lack of co-operation with the current admin team shows. He refuses to use our Discord server, which is where the current admin team makes decisions, and insists that he is above the others. A particular example is when recently we decided to declutter gallery sections to remove fanon images. You crab and another admin, who he promoted without any discussion, accused of making the pages empty and have gotten into a constant edit war over one page that seems to be going nowhere.

    While we can strip away You crab's admin rights, we cannot do the same for his bureaucrat role, which is why I am asking for a member of Fandom's staff to help. I was told that someone had requested a similar problem to mine, but was told to have a vote to see if You crab was wanted. The other admins have agreed that You crab should not be a bureaucrat or an admin for the aforementioned reasons.


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    • Sorry to hear the situation. For removal of admin powers, all of you need to start a public discussion to do so on wiki. Start a blog, or forum post about it and leave it open for a week, then present it to staff through Special:contact. Good luck.

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    • If your community has held a vote on a b-crat's removal, send a link to it to staff with this form.

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