• i found some one that became a admen on muiltible wikis only to band the other admins. so i want you to wipe this smuge of the face of the earth X0Nightmare0x

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    • He is only admin on two wikis at the moment, from what I can see. And only removed admin from one person.

      It doesn't look like any staff action is needed here

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    • well he asked to be a admin on my and my freinds wiki. you know voodoo wiki and we let him becum a admin and then...BOOM he blocked allmost all of the inicent admins on both of our wikis lukaly we unblocked evrything. i just got the fealing he will do it agen.

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    • Hello! It looks like Baron Samedi Ghede has already removed administrator rights from the user. So, like Sannse said, there's no need for staff intervention at this point.

      However, I would very highly recommend not granting administrator rights to users without any edits. The user in question, X0Nightmare0x, had only one edit before being made an administrator and that "edit" was a message wall post asking for administrator rights.

      I would suggest that the current administrators and bureaucrats of your wiki gather together and come up with a list of minimal requirements for any users requesting rights. Once those minimums are reached, the user should request administrator rights in a public forum, not on a user's message wall. Once a forum post has been created, the current administrators, bureaucrats and regular editors should vote on whether or not they think the user is trustworthy and helpful enough to be made an admin. The decision should not be left up to one individual.

      If you or your community needs any help with putting such a policy in place, please let me know.

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    • wow thank you

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    • Jl0773 wrote:
      wow im admin
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    • A FANDOM user
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