• I'm (slowly) working on a wikia with a friend of mine on this game that is based in China. The game's reset and event times are triggered on certain hours in CST (China Standard Time). I'm looking to add a world clock of sorts on the home page of the wiki so that it'll be easier for players of different timezones to understand what time it is for their time and the server time. 

    We were using World Time Buddy as reference for a while now and I've honestly come to love the simplicity of it. I know, however, that if I just copy and paste the widget, it's not going to work like how I want it (It just ends up displaying as code).

    I'm not code or tech-savvy and I have to do everything in baby-steps in order to get things right, but is there any way we can have something similar? If not, then it's okay.

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    • Is this script useful?

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    • Thank you for the suggestion! I'll try to make sense of it, but it can work for what I need for the current time. I'm a little intimidated with the configuration part, but I'll see what I can do. Thank you, again!

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    • I think you are going to need to use Digital Clock to display the user's local time. It looks like TZclock requires you to set a fixed timezone.

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