• Okay, so for a little while now, I and another user have been dealing with a rather ill-behaved and immature user on the Disney Pixar Cars Fanon wiki, MarkusKrankzler63. The other user has had one of her articles edited several times for no reason by anonymous users (who then try to get her in trouble and tell her she is the one making the unnecessary edits), and I convinced the admins to lock the article. I think MarkusKrankzler63 was one of the primary spammers of that article, and he has been angry at us for getting the article protected.

    Markus is very intent on harassing me and the other user. He has followed us to the Disney Fanon wiki and has been telling us that we've been causing a lot of trouble, tried to tell us what to do, and insisting that he will ban us if he ever becomes an admin. He also says that he'll start a "war" with us and he'll gather other members to help him out. He abuses the Caps Locks like crazy, so it always seems like he's "screaming" at us. He has also told use that we're not allowed to join a wiki that he created, insisting we're "too much trouble," and will keep making his "war" threats if we go against his wishes. All in all, he is very disrespectful.

    I have tried to reason with him, but this has failed. He feels like he is in the right, even when he is not. Ignoring him does not seem to be working, and I don't know how to block him from contacting me, or even if I can. I was able to contact Fandom Support to inform them about this user, but they told me I could either talk to the admins of the Wikis, or visit here to see if anyone had any advice on how to deal with him. I will appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

    Evidence of his behavior:

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