• I'm pretty sure I got all of the templates and modules added ok, and I added one message butit isn't formatting properly so I am assuming that I need some styles. I found one reference somewhere to class=Hatnote but no information about where to find the style info. Can anyone tell me where to find it, please? Here is the link to the one page I added it to. at the very top. Perhaps I am missing a module, but surely there would have been some references to in the dev area along with their other Hatnote info? Thanks so much for any help or advise, MStar22 (talk) 20:18, February 7, 2020 (UTC)

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    • MStar22Thread:1806139
      I found one reference somewhere to class=Hatnote

      link to the reference would be helpful.

      anyway, if you want to have some template at the top of the page, it is better to place the template on the very first line of the page.

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    • I wish I could find that references to class=Hatnote again, I've looked so many places now that I lost it. But I am looking.

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    • The issue is that the output wasn't in italics. I thought a box was suppose to go around the output too, but looking at Wikipedia it doesn't. I found a work around in case anyone else see's this note and is pulling their hair out over it, too! put two ticks ' ' before the template info {{---- .

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