• Haya!

    Thank you for starting to help with responses to Adoption Requests. The help is appreciated.

    However, please be careful about how… definite… your responses are. There are very few conditions in which "you cannot adopt the wiki" should be used. Active Admin is typically the key one. Amost ALL other times, responses should be both informative ("this is what you need to do for success") while not completely trashing their hopes.

    Also, careful not to give potentially false hope ("everyhting looks good, you'll be okay").

    After all, in most cases it is Staff which makes the final determinations after checking thiings most of us cannot see. If we can see a Block on the users' other wikis, well, we know that's a disqualification in most situations, but staff can see ALL of a User's activity across ALL of FANDOM…

    CCAdmins may have more to add when Responding, but we have both more tools and experience.

    Please get in the habit of using {{AdoptionResponse}} to preface your comments as it says "this is an unofficial response, be sure to wait for Staff to respond". There are also a few different versions of AdoptionResponse; check them out by adding / after "response" and see what the autocomplete lists.

    To recap: (usually) Be helpful, supportive, and constructive to increase their chances of success ("be sure you do this"}; Nt overly positive ("you gots this in the bag"); Not overly negative ("you don't gots this").


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