• [First off, sorry.]

    Now, I have a few questions about CSS. This Here is the CSS for the Site under construction. I believe the CSS is attached to [Gallery] Tab, because that doesn't display the correct size?  Also, how would I fix CharacterTabs on the Pages, because this CSS is used as well, correct?
    There is a lot missing! Thank you.

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    • No worries. Its all good.

      With regards to the gallery tab, could you link to an example?

      With regards to the CharacterTab template, there are two things. First, in the template itself, I believe there is a mistake in the portion for the quotes. Instead of

      {{#ifeq: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|{{{1}}}|

      it should be

      {{#ifeq: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|{{{1}}}/Quotes|

      The second issue is how it is being used on the page. You need to provide the full page name of the main page. Right now, it is being called as


      However, it needs to be called, for example, as


      For each set of pages, you change the part after the "|". For instance, if using it on the Falcon pages


      Does that make sense?

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    • I forgot to add the page name, so sorry for that! Thank you very much!

      Okay, here is the Link for Gallery. It appears too big. Blue Falcon

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    • I see now. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for that. The reason this is happening is because the wiki is using the new galleries. Per the description on the help page, the new galleries automatically crop images into squares to "maximize" space utilization.

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    • So I cannot shrink the Galleries then? Darn, this Wiki must be old then!

      Thank you for the info though. I will try to make do with this predicament outcome then!

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    • Yes, the wiki is "old". However, that has no impact on which type of galleries it uses. It appears you are an admin. If the users and other admin (if there are any) don't care, you can disable the new galleries via Special:WikiFeatures. This will result in use of the old galleries which shouldn't crop your images.

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    • Okay, now: I fixed up the Character/Pilot Tabs, but how do I add a redirect to the Machine tab? (Because each Machine has a different name.)  Also, is it possible to change the color in only one infobox at the top, and if so how? Thank you. EXAMPLE

      (EDIT) Okay, I think the redirect worked now. But is this the best method? Would renaming pages be 'easier'?

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    • What do you mean by "renaming"? Do you mean moving the machine pages to be subpages of the character pages? I am not sure that would be a good idea as users may search for the machines directly. Assuming you want to keep the machine pages separate, your current solution is the best given the current tabs template.

      If you really don't like having the redirects, I do have a different version of the tabs template. However, this other version is much more complicated than the one you are currently using. If you don't mind the redirects, I would suggest sticking to the current solution.

      As for the infobox CSS:

      .page-Dark_Schneider .portable-infobox .pi-title {
          background-color: red;
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    • We can always look into the complicated version later. For all boxes to be the same color, remove the Car name from the CSS, right? Thank you for all the help. 

      (EDIT) Shoot, should have asked which section of the CSS to add this info to. Or does it take time to load like the redirects?

      (UPDATE) Yes, I have to wait for the CSS to update. Sorry for seeming hopeless sometimes.

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    • Yes, if you want to change all infobox titles to that color, get rid of ".page-Dark_Schneider".

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    • Okay, is there a way to add this feature into F-Zero Wiki?


      Also, on another Wiki, this info was also on the front of a User Profile Page?

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    • That is a standard feature that should already be enabled. Which wiki are you looking at? There are different means depending on where exactly it is. I am not sure what you mean by "front of a User Profile Page".

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    • Sorry, this one, on my Profile page? Was curious and wandering again...

      Oh, I see, but how to attach it on user pages?

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    • Okay. I see now. That is something that is done on a per-wiki basis using GlobalEditcount.

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    • Hey, I was thinking... Is it also possible to add a small icon picture to the left or right of these Character tabs? Thanks again!

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    • Are we talking about the same icons for all pages are a unique set of icons based on the page? Both are possible but the solution will be slightly different.

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    • Oh yeah, forgot. Each Icon for each page/tab separately (for each character). 

      Thinking now, is it possible to add two small icons per tab? One on the left, and one for the right? 

      Yes, each tab has their own, separate appropriate icon(s), thank you.

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    • If you name the images systematically, you can do something like this:

      [[File:{{{1}}} Pilot Tab Left.png|x20px|link=]][[{{{1}}}|Pilot]][[File:{{{1}}} Pilot Tab Right.png|x20px|link=]]

      So let's say you wanted to upload the icons for Captain Falcon. When you do so, you would need to name them: Captain Falcon Pilot Tab Left.png, Captain Falcon Pilot Tab Right.png, Captain Falcon Quotes Tab Left.png, Captain Falcon Quotes Tab Right.png, Captain Falcon Machine Tab Left.png, Captain Falcon Machine Tab Right.png,

      Alternatively, you could do something like this:


      In this case, you can name the image whatever you want (and use whatever image type you want) but need to specify them when calling the template. For example:

      {{PilotTab|Captain Falcon|Something.png|SomethingElse.jpg|AThirdSomething.gif|AFourthSomething.png|AFifthSomething.png|ASixthSomething.png}}
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    • Okay, so these links/data lines go within the Pages itself?  Would I need to apply this line of code directly to the Pilot Tab Box/Template? 

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    • Just to clarify, I presented two different options. You would be using just one of the two; not both. The first box is the first option and you place that code on the template page. The second box is the second option and it also goes on the template page. The third box is how you would use the template if you go with the second option. Does that make sense?

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    • I am sorry for the headaches. I am doing what I can with my availability. I thank you though for your assistance and patience involving me. I'll see what I can do, one step at a time.

      (EDIT) I am likely going with the second for now, just in case the icons need to be used elsewhere.

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    • Not need to apologize. It just wan't clear from your reply whether or not you understood that there were two different options. I wanted to clarify just in case. I had no intention of insulting you so I hope it didn't come across that way. It is just, from past experiences, I have learned that if there is a chance something might be misunderstood, it is better to clarify rather than assume it was interpreted correctly.

      The second option is the one I would prefer for that very reason. Please let me know if you run into any issues implementing it.

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    • No, I do not believe you insulted me for any reason at all. I have been known to talk/type a lot about details. Honestly, I am usually the one that makes no sense to others!

      Thank you of course! I will give it a shot and do my best there is!

      (EDIT) You are doing a good job, Andrews. Take care.

      (Double EDIT) I was aware of two options, but wanted to make sure if the 2nd option:  goes on the page itself, the CSS, or the Template box.

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    • I believe it worked, thank you! But oh my, the image is stretched. I did not expect resizing issues. This would mean the tab would have to grow? Or I would have to shrink the icons, right?

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    • Could you link to where you are seeing this? I am having trouble picturing what is going on.

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    • Oh, umm...okay, I'll try to repeat the process:

      (UPDATE) Aha! I think I got it! I had to write 64 x 64 px (The images were in 64 multiples. Your sentence only included one number set.)

      I like this outcome? If I have to do this with each box, that is okay. I do work. Thank you for all the assistance! You are welcome to read F-Zero Wiki anytime! Oh and do not worry, I'll call you if any other trouble arises.

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    • Hmm... That is interesting. When you do something like "x64px", it is supposed to adjust to make the height 64px. Either way, glad you got something you like. Unfortunately, you will need to add the images on each page.

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    • That is okay, I do not mind the extra work. The entire Wiki is currently under construction anyways. I am glad we were able to help each other out!

      <thumbs up!>

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    • Umm...Houston, we have a bit of a problem...

      So a few users say this page won't show Categories listed. Is this CSS related? Thank you.

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    • The gallery was not closed. It is a simple fix but I have fixed it for you anyways.

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    • A FANDOM user
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