• I've noticed that pretty much every toyline out there: live actiion, G1, Animated, Cybertron, Energon, Prime, Robots In Disguise, Rescue Bots, and maybe some others I can't think of; all of them seem to have a motion picture event, movie or TV show, to go along with it, and vise versa.

    But I haven't seen anything for Reveal the Shield.

    So I decided to make a storyline(s) for it myself. The thing is, writing it is no problem, but can I type them on here when I finish them?

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    • Community Central forum is for discussion of topics concerning Fandom and its wikis (e.g. asking for wiki-related assistance and discussing aspects of Fandom). So this place isn't quite the right place for writing Transformers stories but you're welcome to post it on Transformers Fanon Wiki which's a wiki for this purpose. :)

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