• Hello everyone. I'm very new to this community. I got myself an account because I would like to work on a wikia for a small cartoon that just aired on Netflix but has almost no following. I am also trying to recruit some people on the community discord to work on it.

    I was surprised to see that a wiki was made a year ago by a single individual who tried to make some content by themselves. They have been completely inactive since then and left something I can barely work with, especially since my rights are limited for now and I can't edit as much as I would like to.

    I wonder if I should simply make a new wiki (using the western title of the show) or edit what I can until I can ask for adoption (I still have everything to learn) ? The problem is that because the show just aired on netflix and the fandom is so small, I fear that it will take too much to meet the adoption criterias and by the time I start trying to organise a community around the existing page, the small attention that show got will have vanished. What I don't understand is that I have made some edits since I joined but I can't find them listed on my user profile nor were the pages I edited added to my followed pages. I didn't see any toolbar either...

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    • Yeah, that wiki was made with the failed TV Community Builder program. The less said about it the better. Make a new wiki.

      The Community Builder wikis will be retired as part of the UCP anyway, so you can always ask for its url to be merged into yours later.

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    • For the general case, if the wiki is very small (<20 pages), has an unfriendly, but semi-active admin, and has generally low quality, it is probably best to create a new wiki. However, if the wiki seems high quality and the community friendly, it is always better to edit an existing wiki. Many topics get diluted by having work split among several wikis for often no good reason.

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