• Hello guys. i made this post due to a problem I'm having. i hope you guys can help me with this.
    So I tried to get myself into the Roblox Interwiki Template. I was added cuz my wiki met the basic requirements. However, for full addition, I have to do most of what is listed in this review.

    @3meraldK I've checked with your wiki just now and yes your wiki has passed all the basic requirements. However I'm not in fond of the colour scheme and the homepage you have right there. The colour scheme is very bright which is not calming to my eyes, and the homepage is pretty much a direct copy from the Roblox Wikia (or Boss fighting stage? idk). I hope you could improve that. I see that you've imported plenty of custom styles into your wiki. It's a pretty nice addition although I'd still recommend people to write their own. Some pages are very brief. I've played the game on my own before and didn't think of the need of a wiki because most stuff is straightforward, hence doesn't have much to write about. But now you are here, I'll ignore that. Overall the wiki is pretty nice, I'd give it a 5 out of 10 because of the colour scheme and the brief pages. I'm sorry that this turned out to be a review but I'm about to do that for all the wikis on the template and maybe some wikis outside of it. I guess the least you could do is to add a nice little background for the wiki, after that I'd be happy to add your wiki to the template. Please pass this to the bureaucrat, RealKnockout. I have no idea why he is not able to come and evaluate this by himself instead of having another person to do it. I'd love to talk with him so if you can please arrange that.

    Suggestion here, you can centre this image so it looks more in-line with other stuff

    Thats what he said to a bureaucrat I had do it since I was banned there.
    So cn anyone give me tips on this? Thanks.

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