• I think this guy (He is PizzaCat) can never be stopped... I'm losing hope... He literally made two wikis just to harass me and my friends! DO SOMETHING MORE THAN BLOCKING HIM, OR HE'LL JUST COME BACK WITH ANOTHER ACCOUNT BECAUSE HE CAN CHANGE HIS IP!

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    • Hi there, we're aware of the problem, which is why the team has been tinkering with the AbuseFilters. However, since they're constantly changing their IP, it's difficult to take real preventive action. The best to do is just to revert and ignore, they're really not worth your time getting worked up about. So even if they do get to you again, vandalise a page or leave a disrespectful comment somewhere, just continue your normal business and act like they're not there (save for blocking them and undoing the vandalism of course). Don't bother with leaving "blocked forever" notices on their profiles or things like that, such kind of attention is just what they're after. At the end of the day, they're just a bored and unimportant troll, and we all know you shouldn't feed thoseĀ ;-) That said, don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance cleaning up the vandalism and such.

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    • "Unimportant"

      He's literally making porn images of all of us.

      And seriously, why isn't he globalled and why isn't this wiki closed?

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    • I apologise if I minimalised the impact the troll has on your community, but what I just meant to emphasise was that they are unimportant in the fact that they cannot touch you unless you let them. It is more than annoying to constantly having to deal with that, I can understand that, especially if they stoop so low as to create fake images, but those too can and should be just deleted and ignored. If the troll doesn't get a rise out of you, then what's the appeal for them to continue? I know this is a very irritating situation and will not die down overnight, but since there isn't much preventive action that we can take beyond the AbuseFilters, try to just give it a place and ignore it the best as possible.

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